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Eating Well For Only $2 A Day!


Only $9.95!

A 200+ page, full color print book dedicated to showing you how you can

save A TON of money on just one category of your life – food.



Our Story – The Quick Version


The idea for this book was born a couple years ago when I decided to start a little project.  I had no interest in writing a book, I just wanted to find some inexpensive recipes for Trisha and I.  So, I went to our local Walmart with a pad of paper and a pen and started in the cereal aisle.  The first thing I wanted to know was which of the hundreds of breakfast cereals was the cheapest.  Not by the price on the box – that would be easy – but the price per serving.  In other words, how much would each bowl of cereal cost me?  Because as you know, the least expensive box may very well be the smallest box too.

So, my first experiment was cereal, but after I had conquered cereal I decided to head out into the other 20 aisles or so.  I essentially made a spreadsheet of nearly every price, serving size, and nugget of information I could find in search of the least expensive meals, snacks, and recipes.  Afterwards I was exhausted but I had learned an incredible amount about how to save money on food.

Trisha and I put this information into effect and soon realized how much we were saving…and we were pretty frugal to begin with.  We were spending less than $2 per day, without using coupons!  That’s how this book was born.  I decided it was too good not to share.




Cynthia – “I absolutely love your cookbook.  I received it about a month ago and have been using 3-4 times a week.  I have kids ranging from 6 to 14…they all love the recipes.  Thanks for a well-written, beautifully photographed book.  I am actually planning my meals for the week now and that combined with your recipes is saving me a ton of money.”

Vicki - “…great budget and finance info, but more importantly for budget-minded foodies – delicious recipes!  Not only do I have a well-used copy for myself, but I’ve given it for showers and wedding gifts too.”

Jenny – “We have already saved quite a bit on groceries and the book makes me laugh.”

Fiona – “I’m very happy with what a high quality production it is!  I was not expecting full color, mouth-watering photographs and such a large page size!  It’s great…many thanks!!”

Kacia – “Made the baked oatmeal this morning.  Reeeeeal Good :)

Jayne – “Well written and beautifully illustrated.  I enjoy the sense of humor and the personal touch of “Chef’s Notes”.  A great addition to any kitchen whether or not you’re on a tight budget.”



What’s In The Book?


Specific Principles and Guidance

The point is to help you save money on your grocery bills.  If you want to go all the way, as the book’s title clearly states, it will absolutely show you how we eat for only $2 per day (per person – Trisha and I together spend $120/month or less).

But if you’d rather not jump into frugality that quickly and would still save a bunch of money by eating for $3 a day, or $4 a day – it will help you there too.  I fully understand that not everyone is as fanatical as I am.  However, the principles that we used to reach our goal of $2 per day will certainly help you reach $3 or $4 per day without a problem.  Take what you like and ignore the rest, but make sure you read through everything so you can see the full picture.

The average American family spends around $7 per day.  So, that average family of 4 could save over $7,000 annually by spending only $2 per day.  But, that same family could also save well over $4,000 each year by spending $4 per day.  No matter how far you choose to go, those kind of savings could change your financial picture forever.  This is more than just your average frugal cookbook.


Over 150 delicious and inexpensive recipes

We’ve received rave reviews on the recipes included in this book.  Everything from Molasses Cookie Oatmeal to Pasta Parmesan Soup to Mexican Chicken Casserole and ridiculously good Fudgy Brownies are covered.  Not only that, but each meal costs less than $0.99 per serving, each snack and side dish costs less than $0.40 per serving, and each dessert costs less than $0.25 per serving.  And that’s the high end of the spectrum!  Most cost much less.


Detailed Cost Comparisons

Every recipe breaks down exactly how much the price per serving cost is without coupons or sales.  Even common snacks and meals like Cheez-its and Frozen Dinners are compared with possible replacements.  The prices in your town may differ slightly, but the point of doing this was to give you as much information as possible to make your own comparisons.  Even if the prices differs slightly, the prices will be a good guide in how to make your refrigerator more frugal.


Nutritious Recipes

The majority of the recipes included in the book are really quite healthy.  We understand that ho-hos are not a sustainable diet.  So, the chicken is often baked, the meals often homemade, and soups like Curried Zucchini or Vegetarian Lentil are in abundance.

However, it was written from a budgeting standpoint, not to be a guide on a healthy diet.  There are plenty of those cookbooks to choose from.  So, occasionally Swedish Meatballs or Peanut Butter Fudge make their way into the picture.  However, the principles covered can often be adapted to your diet no matter what your situation.  It was written to save the most number of people the greatest amount of dollars so specialty diets like vegan or gluten-free are not covered.  If that describes you, I still believe the information within the book would be valuable, but some of the recipes would obviously not be of much use to you.


No Ramen

Sorry, I get asked about that a lot.



Eating Well For Only $2 A Day Cover




Only $9.95!

A 200+ page, full color print book dedicated to showing you how you can

save A TON of money on just one category of your life – food.




*Disclaimer:  The content of Eating Well For Only $2 A Day was created for an American audience.  Though the principles and recipes may still be of use to people outside of the U.S., I make no guarantees of the accuracy of the content in your nation.  I have sold copies to international customers who have been very pleased with the content, but I want to be as transparent as possible; the prices, principles, and recipes were originally written with an American audience in mind.

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